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08 Dec, 2023
Lighting the Way for Solar Panel Manufacturing Start-Ups

Factory start-ups in any industry are never “plug-and-play.” Start-ups in the solar panel manufacturing industry are no exception. Yet problems persist. From conducting haphazard start-up preparation to hiring unqualified technicians, these...

Noel R. Cena

15 Nov, 2023
Turning Commercial Rooftops into Community Solar Resources

Supply and demand for solar energy are both at unprecedented levels, which should give us all hope for our shared clean energy future. And North America’s commercial real estate owners – especially those who own buildings with large rooftops –...

Shaun Keegan

15 Nov, 2023
How to Ensure Safety Under UL 3741 – Understanding the risks and limitations of solutions without DC optimization

The introduction of the UL 3741 Standard for Photovoltaic Hazard Control in 2020 was hailed as an important milestone in the solar industry’s continuing drive to improve solar system safety. Building on rapid shutdown best...

Jason Bobruck, Bill Brooks, and Kleber Fachini

15 Nov, 2023
How to Mitigate Temporary Overvoltages in PV Plants

It is mandatory that solar power plants remain connected to power grids for a certain period to support them during fault events. However, under certain circumstances, these ride-through functions may exhibit delayed response or even misoperation of...

Tuan Ngo, P.E. and Tuyen Vu, P.E.

15 Nov, 2023
Steer Clear of IRA Risks and Costs - How noncompliance endangers renewable energy project developers and investors

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is arguably the most significant piece of renewable energy legislation in American history. It creates a unique opportunity for project developers and investors to accelerate the transition to renewables — and...

Charles Dauber

15 Nov, 2023
Surviving the Solarcoaster: The 4 strategies residential installers need

Before 2023, one solar installer out of Texas was living the dream — in business over 12 years, he had grown his company almost entirely on referrals and inbound leads.  But then this year hit. Suddenly, this Texan installer saw other...

Scott Nguyen

15 Nov, 2023
Solar Lenders, Protect Thyselves

In 2022, the residential solar market attained its highest annual growth rate since 2015. Brighter days are ahead, too,...

Suzie Neff

15 Nov, 2023
The Unsung Heroes of Solar Energy

As the global shift towards renewable energy sources gains momentum, solar power has taken center stage. The sight of solar panels, whether mounted to rooftops or sprawling in solar farms across the world, is a profound representation of our...

Manuel Molina

15 Nov, 2023
U.S. Tube Mills Evolve to Meet the Quality and Product Demands of the Growing Solar Industry

The solar industry is the fastest growing resource for renewable energy in the world. The increase in affordability and demand during the past decade has positioned the industry on a trajectory for unprecedented growth in the years to come. Notably,...

Mark Daril

15 Nov, 2023
Permitting’s Effect on Achieving Notice to Proceed

Solar development faces significant challenges. Despite the incredible pace of successful projects, as it turns out, most projects fail to reach Notice to Proceed (NTP)—even if they have site control and an interconnection queue position. Due to...

James McWalter