Block ip Trap

15 Mar, 2024
The Crucial Role of Electrical Insulation for Wind Turbines

Wind turbines play a pivotal role in the global transition to sustainable energy sources. However, the harsh environmental conditions in which wind turbines operate, such as extreme temperatures, high humidity, and exposure to various contaminants,...

Heather Broman

15 Mar, 2024
Wind Systems, Alarm Data & Actionable Insights

Wind energy remains the leading non-hydro renewable technology, and one of the fastest-growing of all power generation technologies. The key to making wind even more competitive is maximizing energy production and efficiently maintaining the assets....

Dr. Sandeep Gupta

15 Mar, 2024
A Safe Passage Through the Winds: Turbine site visits

The allure of wind turbines is undeniable. For those fortunate enough to visit these engineering marvels, it’s an experience filled with awe and learning. However, the magnificence of these structures comes with inherent risks, making safety an...

Katie Bielefeld

15 Mar, 2024
America’s Big Wind Ambition – How operators can keep workers safe offshore in 2024

The Biden administration’s plan to increase offshore wind generation by installing 30 gigawatts of capacity by 2030, is the target central to its plans to slash carbon pollution. While the timeline for delivery is contentious among operators and...

ris Murff

15 Mar, 2024
A Better Way to Site Projects: Multispectral remote sensing for landcover classification

Identifying trees, grasslands, and wetlands on landscape-scale project sites has never been simple or clear-cut.  Aerial photos are subject to divergent interpretations. Field surveys incur higher costs from hours spent documenting and...

Gunnar Malek-Madani

15 Mar, 2024
Which Laws Apply? The role of vessel, contract, and worker status in determining relevant legal regimes

The growth and rapid evolution of the offshore wind industry and the introduction of new, US Jones Act-compliant offshore wind vessels mean that wind operations may involve the use of Jones Act seamen, maritime employees, and other non-maritime...

Grady Hurley and Sara Kuebel

15 Mar, 2024
Preserving Humanity’s Past in Our Oceans

As technological advancements occur through new developments in the offshore wind energy industry, there will be times where these large projects may impact the cultural heritage of humanity's past in our waters. Federal, State, and Tribal...

Jason Griffin R.P.A.

23 Feb, 2024
Can We Overcome the Social License Barrier?

Have we hit an inflection point where each new wind or solar project is harder to build than the last? In August 2023, the Canadian province of Alberta imposed a 

Jason Switzer and Kaki Comer

15 Jan, 2024
Wind of change: The digital transformation of wind energy

The share of U.S. electricity generation from wind energy has grown from less than 1 percent in 1990, to about 10.2 percent in 2022. To achieve this accomplishment over the past two decades, the wind industry had to increase the rated capacity of...

Heinrich Dyck

15 Jan, 2024
The Sound of Success in the Wind Industry

Wind energy continues to be a pivotal player in the global shift towards sustainable power sources. As the wind industry advances, so does the need for efficient and reliable methods to monitor the health of wind turbine components, with a...

Valery Godinez-Azcuaga