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15 Jan, 2024
Mind Your Intellectual Property: Strategies for renewable energy leadership

Now more than ever, it would be difficult to overstate the importance of the renewable energy industry. Indeed, it seems that few other industries depend as heavily on constant and rapid innovation. This industry, however, is somewhat unique in its...

Doug Meier

15 Nov, 2023
The Future of Houses is Passive

University of Toronto’s latest student residence welcomes the future of living with spaces that are warmed by laptops and shower water.  In September 2023, one of North America’s largest residential passive homes, Harmony Commons,...

Justin Biordi

15 Nov, 2023
Demand Response Program Management: Outsourcing vs. in-house

For decades, demand response (DR) has proven a tried-and-true conservation tactic to mitigate energy usage during peak demand hours. Historically, those peak demand hours were relatively predictable, with increases in demand paralleling commuter and...

Syd Bishop

15 Nov, 2023
Can Residential Customers Help Boost Energy Reliability?

On Christmas Eve 2022, a powerful winter storm in the United States delivered what were, in some places, the coldest temperatures in 40 years — in others, it was the coldest ever recorded. In the Midwest and North Atlantic, the footprint of the...

Dan Forman

15 Nov, 2023
Project Completion Insurance: Securing solar construction projects

Construction of renewable energy and storage projects have gained significant momentum in response to the global shift toward sustainability. All types of investors, borrowers, and lenders are diving into this booming sector, but they are also...

Isaac Stern and Gage Kellogg

15 Sep, 2023
Safeguarding Our Grid

It started as Edison Electric Light in the 1880s, providing power to Manhattan and New Jersey.  Over the years, it grew into the nationwide electric grid we know today as the North American Power Transmission Grid. This grid is comprised...

Jim Rundo

01 Sep, 2023
Achieving Grid Modernization Goals Through Value-based Decision Making

Grid modernization is having a profound impact on the nature and regulation of North American utilities. It represents a significant change to the way energy is managed, distributed, and used—today and in the future. As Environmental, Social,...

Russ Stothers

04 Aug, 2023
Net-Zero by 2050 while Minimizing Land-Use Impacts? Power of Place report says YES

It's estimated that if we continue to site energy infrastructure as usual, the U.S. will need an area larger than Texas to meet net-zero by 2050. Now that Congress has allocated billions of dollars to the clean energy transition, the expansion of...

Grace Wu, PhD, Joe Fargione, Emily Leslie, Ryan Jones, Nels Johnson, and Christel Hiltibran

15 Jul, 2023
Choosing the Right Partner Mitigates Project Risk

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), developers plan to add 54.5 gigawatts (GW) of new utility-scale electric generating capacity to the U.S. power grid in 2023. More than half of this capacity will be solar. 

Chris LeBoeuf

26 Jun, 2023
Investing in the Future: Mobilizing capital and partnerships for a sustainable energy transition

Unleashing trillions of dollars for a resilient energy future is within our grasp — if we can successfully navigate investment risk and project uncertainties. The money is there — so where are the projects? A cleaner and more secure energy...

Dr. Tej Gidda