Constructing Solar Solutions: In extreme winter conditions

Although the imagery of solar power may conjure up thoughts of the summer sun fueling renewable energy, construction is a year-round industry and solar sites are no exception. Experienced solar builders are skilled in construction techniques for all seasons. The Polar Vortex Enter the winter of 2013-2014 and the bone-chilling villain, named Polar Vortex, which swept across Canada and a majority of the Eastern United States. Wikipedia defines this term as a persistent, large-scale...

PV Connectors and the National Electric Code: Preparing now for the solar storm

As the 2014 edition of the National Electrical Code (NEC) gains further adoption within the United States, the DC photovoltaic (PV) arc-fault protection requirements of article 690.11 will gain increasing attention. The key element of article...

Evolving Solar Standards: A look at UL 2703 in terms of quality manufacturing

Mounting and racking technologies continue to evolve with the goal of reducing costs, as well as improving reliability and ease of installation. Providing long-lasting, cost-effective solutions to common issues is a challenge shared by leading...

Solar Tracking & Thin-film Technology: Technical considerations for a winning combination

Mounting thin-film solar panels is a growing trend in the solar industry. Although these panels are typically installed on fixed-tilt racks, they’re also becoming increasingly popular in utility-scale solar tracking sites. This is...

High-performance Polymers Play Pivotal Role: In the growth of PV front sheets

Engineering polymers are playing a significant role in the development of lightweight front sheets for photovoltaic (PV) modules in the solar power industry. Although these high-performance materials have been used for many years in back sheets...

Solar Unplugged: Building smarter, safer PV with wireless monitoring

Solar energy operators in America and around the world are at a strange intersection. Even as the predictions for generation head toward 75 gigawatts (GW) in 2015 for North America alone, the financial picture is more complicated. A reduction in...

Solar Thermal Technology: Simplifying designs for US market infiltration

In recent years, a steady growth of the market for solar thermal heating technology has brought about a large number of system installations across the globe. However, in North America, solar thermal systems are still quite complex in terms of...

An Untapped Solar Market: The renewable potential of multi-family housing

Solar energy is rapidly becoming a popular option for homeowners as a way to save money. But, what about folks who live in apartments or condos? Multi-family dwellings, as they are known, are providing the next potential growth opportunity for...

A Solar Power Microgrid: With or without batteries

Although energy storage based microgrids are attracting a lot of attention and investment, there’s a niche for battery-less microgrids. There is a new type of off-grid solar power inverter that can be used with or without batteries. As...

Putting Site Safety First: Creating an effective health & safety culture

There is sometimes a perception within the renewable industry that the construction and implementation of solar photovoltaics (PV) is a simple and straightforward procedure, posing little to no risk of harm. After all, working at height...

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