Why We All Must Fight For The ITC

Annapolis, Maryland, serves as both the state capital and home of the United States Naval Academy. Founded in 1845, it is where some of the best and brightest U.S. naval officers are trained.   One of the first things they learn is the bosun’s calls—commands communicated by a high-pitched whistle by the Chief Petty Officer Boatswain’s Mate. One of those calls is the “all hands on deck” (AHOD), rousing all crew members from below decks to the main...

Four Financial Risks For Solar Developers To Consider In Today’s Market

Today’s solar market is booming, and developers are at the center of an incredible opportunity to bring projects to market. But, developers looking to cash in on the solar rush should beware several financial risks – ones often...

Flagship Catalina Solar Project - Part of a greater hybrid renewable story

Constructed on the floor of the driest desert in North America, the impressive 143.2 MWp Catalina Photovoltaic Solar Plant is sited outside of Rosamond, California in the Mojave Desert. Known for its extreme weather, temperature swings in the...

New ASTM Standard Simplifies an Important PV Module Qualification Stress Test

The photovoltaic energy industry has a new tool for performing stress tests on modules, mini-modules, or components. ASTM E3006 is a recently published standard from ASTM Committee E44 on Solar, Geothermal, and Other Alternative Energy Sources....

Meeting the Challenges in the Photovoltaic Cell Manufacturing Business

The challenges facing the photovoltaic industry of improving solar cell efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs while making the product appealing and economical in today’s highly competitive energy market have not changed. These are...

The Impact of Dynamic Wind Loading

PV System Risk Assessment   Part of determining the longevity and return on investment of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system is understanding the probability that there will be repair costs related to wind damage. Some of the...

2015 is the Perfect Storm for Going Solar

Five reasons it’s never been a better time to adopt solar   Last year, the U.S. commercial sector installed just over 1 gigawatt of solar capacity. This added solar wasn’t just installed by California businesses and...

How to Design to Code

Compliance Considerations for Ground Mounted Solar   As the solar market continues to mature, regulators are taking an increased interest in ensuring installation safety compliance and long-term reliability. Especially in areas of...

Things to Consider When Selecting an Aluminum Extrusion Supplier

As the solar market continues to grow, managing logistics and supply chains are essential in order to stay competitive. Working with suppliers, including aluminum-extruded racking system suppliers, can add value beyond the cost of parts, help...

Giving Diligence its Due - Part 1 of 2

A decade ago, before the advent of utility-scale solar and residential solar lease programs, commercial solar had a project finance problem: affordable money was hard to find. This was not surprising given that credit default swaps and mortgage...

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