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Large-diameter pipe

20 Sep 2014
REHAU introduces its new 1-1/4" RAUGEO U-bend. Previously available only in one-inch diameter, the new larger diameter pipe brings the benefits of cross-linked polyethylene (PEXa) technology to larger, more demanding geothermal projects. The new, 1-1/4" U-bend makes it possible to utilize deeper boreholes, increasing the heat exchanged and potentially reducing the total number of boreholes required for a project. 
Single or double U-bends are now offered in continuous coil lengths of 360, 410, 460, and 510 feet. Composed of PEXa pipe, EVERLOC fittings and balancing manifolds, the RAUGEO ground-loop heat exchange system is a high-efficiency geothermal energy source for heating and cooling.