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22 Sep, 2015
Tapping into Mine Water Geothermal

Unused waste product is a useful resource Mine water is often considered not only a waste, but also a serious danger to human and environmental health. With millions of miles of abandoned tunnels in the United States filled with potentially...

Allison Mills

17 Sep, 2015
Organic Rankine Cycle Systems - the latest innovative approach to geothermal energy

With the worldwide hunt for new sources of green energy, it becomes practical to create electrical energy from geothermal sources at much lower temperatures than previously envisaged. Today, Independent power producers (IPP’s) in the USA,...

Anthony Hinde

20 May, 2015
The Heat is On

Geothermal heat pump industry seeks recognition   With “geoexchange” piping firmly planted in the earth, geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) efficiently use circulating water to transfer energy to and from the ground near...

Douglas A. Dougherty

31 Jan, 2015
One Step Forward & One Step Back: The attempted growth of geothermal power

As a baseload, renewable power provider, one would think geothermal energy would have quite the pull. Once fully engineered and established, a geothermal power plant can generate reliable power around the clock with minimal costs. It also fills...

Ian Stuart

20 Nov, 2014
Advancing Geothermal Energy: The development of enhanced geothermal systems

Geothermal energy is, perhaps, one of the most reliable renewable power sources, offering 24/7-baseload power that’s sustainable and cost-competitive in compatible regions. It can also provide distributed power generation from small,...

Michelle Froese

20 Sep, 2014
Joining Forces to Save Energy: With geothermal heating & cooling

As geothermal heating and cooling gains in popularity, the relationship between geothermal contractors and electric utilities becomes increasingly important to both parties. From the contractor’s perspective, utilities control electricity,...

Will Lange

20 Jul, 2014
Making Historic Strides in Old Town Alexandria: A geothermal HVAC retrofit project

When Harry and Maria Hopper purchased their 1830’s Federal-style Old Town Alexandria home, they were excited to take ownership of a piece of architectural history just miles from the nation’s Capitol. Old Town Alexandria is a...

Michael Maher

19 May, 2014
Making Engineered Geothermal Systems: Ready for Primetime

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that the demand for electricity in the United States will grow by 24% between 2011 and 2040, and that renewables will supply 16% of the electricity demand by 2040. According to the Sun Day...

Trenton Cladouhos

20 Jan, 2014
Valuing Geothermal Power: In today's renewable energy market

As states, such as California, move ahead with more aggressive Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, state officials are finding they need to consider the full value of the power sources they...

Ian Stuart

20 Nov, 2013
Bridging the Geothermal Financing Gap: Mitigating costs & project development risks

The uncertainty surrounding the success of initial drilling for geothermal reservoirs, combined with substantial drilling costs, makes many potential, good quality geothermal projects difficult to finance. Developers and investors are all too...

Nick Percival