Optimize Energy Storage for Reliability and ROI

Optimize Energy Storage for Reliability and ROI

Score value with a one-source energy solutions partner

By Steve McKenery, SVP Energy Storage - DEPCOM Power

Utility-scale energy storage is on the rise. Analysts forecast U.S. deployment will double by the end of 2023 to 10GW, spurring innovation and opportunities.

To take advantage of this, developers and asset owners must consider various Lithium-ion battery technologies and optimize use-case scenarios to maximize returns. They need out-of-the-box thinking and smart strategies to lower total cost of ownership and ensure they get the most competitive energy storage solutions.

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Key considerations for energy storage

1)     Work with a technology and vendor-agnostic partner who can match products with needs to optimize yield

2)     Focus on achieving cost and revenue advantages with systems value-engineered for LCOS, CapEx, OpEx, IRR, and total cost of ownership

3)    Review use cases to either generate revenue, such as energy arbitrage or frequency regulation, or avoid costs like resiliency, supply capacity, or transmission relief

4)    Consider EPCs with global procurement strength to help mitigate supply risks and ensure competitive pricing


Optimize BESS for success

DEPCOM’s proprietary system optimization helps developers maximize returns on stand-alone storage and hybrid PV+ BESS. Our sophisticated controls and modeling achieve success with maximum performance and ROI.

Evaluating multiple battery technologies, designs, and grid requirements, DEPCOM designs systems to meet specific goals:

  • Reduce CapEx
  • Minimize OpEx
  • Optimize battery augmentation
  • Safely achieve best lifetime system LCOS

In a recent project, DEPCOM modeled 15 battery systems with varying technologies and system configurations against local requirements to save millions in avoided installation, augmentation, and replacement costs. This optimization resulted in anticipated total savings of $19 million over the system’s 25-year lifespan.

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Score value and bankability

Leverage the full spectrum of DEPCOM’s in-house EPC and O&M capabilities. With a track record deploying 4 GWs of utility-scale solar and more than 750 MWh of energy storage, DEPCOM delivers safe, efficient and reliable systems.

As a Koch Engineered Solutions company, we access next-generation storage technologies across the value chain. Our global logistics expertise provides customers the most bankable storage solutions.

DEPCOM means value and the peace of mind that comes from working with a vertically integrated partner, backed by the second largest privately held company in the US.

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