GreenFire Energy Inc. Strengthens Advisory Board with Three Key Appointments  

GreenFire Energy Inc. announced the appointments of Daniel Moos Ph.D., David "Nic" Nickels and Scott Paterson Ph.D. to its Advisory Board. Dr. Moos is an expert in geomechanics and reservoir management and founded the Baker Hughes Palo Alto Innovation Center. Nic Nickels is one of the geothermal industry's most experienced drilling experts and most recently served as the Director of Global Geothermal Operations for Baker Hughes. Dr. Paterson is a Professor in the Earth Sciences Department, University of Southern California.

Dr. Moos brings 33 years of research in geomechanics and reservoir management. He has published over 100 papers and holds patents in the areas of rock physics, geophysics, stress determination, wellbore imaging, wellbore stability and fracture stimulation. He held the roles of Technology Fellow and GMI Chief Scientist for Baker Hughes where he founded the Baker Hughes Palo Alto Innovation Center. He was the Chief Scientist for GeoMechanics International. Dr. Moos has a B.S. from Cornell University in Geology and a Ph.D. from Stanford University in Geophysics. 

Dr. Paterson brings 27 years of research and expertise working extensively on the behavior of the earth's crust in the plastic zone at and below the brittle-plastic transition. He works extensively on magmatic systems in continental margin arcs, particularly on the use of magmatic structures to unravel the temporal evolution of coupled magmatic-ductile host rock systems. He has authored and coauthored over 150 publications and received over 20 grants from the National Science Foundation. Dr. Paterson has a B.S. from the University of Washington, an M.S. from the University of Maine at Orono and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Cruz, in Geology.

Nic Nickels has over 35 years of experience in the geothermal energy and wellbore construction industry and most recently served as the Director of Global Geothermal Operations for Baker Hughes. He has supervised drilling services for projects on six continents, in 20 countries and with 80 developers. His expertise has advanced geothermal industry technology; he participated on the Department of Energy Geothermal Technical Board Review for Sandia National Laboratory and has coauthored six technical articles, three of them receiving special recognition. Nic has also helped guide the geothermal industry through his positions on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Geysers Geothermal Association, the Board of Directors of the United States Geothermal Industry Corporation and the Board of Directors of the Geothermal Energy Association.

"I am impressed by the caliber of talent and deep expertise that Dan, Nic and Scott bring to the GreenFire Energy Advisory Board," said Joseph Scherer, chief executive officer, GreenFire Energy. "Each of them is a recognized expert in a technical discipline that is integral to the success of GreenFire Energy's advanced ECO2G technology for geothermal power. GreenFire Energy is much stronger because of the collective expertise of our Advisory Board and we are proud that such accomplished and distinguished people choose to associate with us," Scherer said.

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