Wireless monitoring of tension in critical joints  

Valley Forge & Bolt's RTM (Remote Tension Monitoring) series of meters, the UHF Band RTM Meter, is a wireless bolt monitoring system. The UHF Band RTM Meter operates in 433/868/915 MHz frequencies, which includes the industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) frequency. This wireless sensor detects and collects the tension level in a bolted joint as read by the company's SPC4 fastener, and then relays the data to a facility's condition monitoring/SCADA system. Users can also program the sensor to take measurements at prescribed intervals and send alerts if a bolted joint falls out of chosen tension parameters. The meter facilitates close monitoring of new fasteners during and immediately after install. In the long term, all bolts can be set to broadcast alerts when a chosen tension threshold is crossed. Managers can also program alert windows during "interest" periods, such as times of suspected greater vibration in a process, to gauge how fasteners are reacting. With a web-based user interface, users can change parameters for each wireless sensor remotely. In addition, the UHF band attribute will improve battery life and enable increased distance from the probe to the collection device. SPC4 fasteners make it possible to measure the actual tension from within a fastener, providing real-time knowledge of critical joint tension and performance from installation through fastener life. A variety of sensors and meters are available to read, display, and relay this tension information.

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Volume: 2021 January/February