Wear all-day lifejacket for offshore wind workers

The new ErgoFit SOLAS lifejacket from Survitec’s lifejacket brand, Crewsaver, offers safety, comfort, and performance for those engaged in challenging tasks on wind turbines and during offshore crew transfer operations. The ErgoFit SOLAS offers cross-compatibility with a range of fall arrest harnesses, integrated sprayhood with airway protection, and Fusion 3D technology; the contoured fit moulds to the shape of the wearer and sits off the neck, giving the user total freedom of movement and making it comfortable to wear all day. The lifejacket features dual side adjusters to closely reflect the clothing worn, whatever the time of year, plus a padded air mesh internal construction to provide further comfort in warm weather. In the event of a deployment, potentially from a significant height, supporting an unconscious casualty, the lifejacket’s features such as Crewsaver’s fast-rotating inflation bladder allows the lifejacket to rotate an unconscious person face up in just 2.6 seconds, comfortably exceeding the SOLAS standard of four seconds. The ErgoFit SOLAS ensures a freeboard of 125mm is maintained thanks to an inflatable chin support that holds the head up and back, keeping the airway clear. The ErgoFit SOLAS lifejacket, combined with varying designs of fall arrest harness, can be used for external work when over water, such as on blades, the transition piece, or the monopile. With this in mind, the ErgoFit SOLAS has been designed to integrate with industry-standard fall arrest harnesses from Petzl, Skylotec, and Cresto.

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Volume: 2024 January/February