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Strong and adaptable made-in-the-USA drones

15 Mar 2021

ZM Interactive's (ZMI) xFold drones are strong and adaptable industrial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) that can switch between x4 (quad), x6 (hexa), X8 (octo), and X12 (dodeca) configurations in minutes. The new xFold Dragon can lift up to 1000lbs, while the Dragon Hybrid boasts a flight time of 1.5 hours on battery and over 8 hours with a hybrid system. Pilots can swap configurations in minutes, including adding robotic arms for delivery, extinguisher ball droppers for fire fighting, sprayers for agriculture, or sensors for 3D mapping. The military grade commercial drones are designed, manufactured, built, and assembled by ZMI in the USA, using proprietary components. ZMI does not use any Chinese components. The aircraft are weather resistant and made to fly in inclement conditions. The xFold line of Dragon super carrier drones includes five different sizes and capacities, including 100lbs, 300lbs, 500lbs, and 1000lbs. 

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Volume: 2021 March/April