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Secure large diameter bolted joints

14 Jul 2020

Heico-Lock's Heico-Tec's internal design elements vastly improves the elasticity of a bolted joint, lowering impacts of dynamic stress and resulting in an application's longer life span. Designed to ISO 898-2 standards, the Heico-Tec tension nut replaces any comparably sized hex nut from the same strength class. Also, due to the attainment of highly accurate preloads, design engineers can use Heico-Tec tension nuts to reduce the size and number of bolted joints in an assembly, potentially lowering both cost and weight. Both on the factory floor and in field conditions, technicians only need a handheld torque wrench and standard sockets to safely and quickly achieve accurate bolted joint tightening. Users can avoid heavy, costly, and time-intensive measures found in traditional electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic tightening methods. Heico-Tec tension nuts are also suitable for areas where workspace is restricted. If a technician can get a handheld torque wrench into a tight space then they can correctly tighten the bolted joint.

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Volume: 2020 July/August