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Ørsted and Eversource Announce New Community Partnership with $100,000 Grant to Niantic Children’s Museum

13 Jul 2021

Offshore wind joint development partners Ørsted and Eversource announced that they have awarded a $100,000 grant to the Niantic Children’s Museum. The award will support the creation of several new hands-on, STEM-focused exhibits that will help educate and inspire the next generation of scientific leaders. The grant will initially be used to support the museum’s “A-Mazing Airways” exhibit that will explore the science of air and the role that Earth’s natural resources can play in combating climate change.

The grant is the latest in a series of local community commitments from Ørsted and Eversource as they develop Connecticut’s first offshore wind farm, Revolution Wind. The two developers recently announced STEM-centric community partnerships with both Mystic Aquarium and Project Oceanology.

The A-Mazing Airways exhibit features a transparent tube system with diverter boxes that children can open and close to change the pathway of balls, scarves and other objects that move through the tubes using air power. The exhibit also includes educational programming on the role of wind power in generating clean energy.

PHOTO: John Burkhardt, Niantic Children’s Museum Board President, David Ortiz, Ørsted Head of Market Affairs for New England, Mike Ausere, Eversource Vice President of Business Development, Mark Nickerson, East Lyme First Selectman, State Senator Paul Formica, and several other Niantic Children’s Museum board members.

The exhibit was unveiled during a ribbon-cutting ceremony as the museum kicks off its Sustainability Week featuring hands-on crafts, interactive floor stations and educator-led demonstrations involving wind power, the environment, recycling and more. 

“As children interact with the A-Mazing Airways exhibit, they will engage in the scientific process, test their hypotheses and learn about the science and power of air and airflow, including its use to generate electricity,” said Niantic Children’s Museum Board President John Burkhardt. “This signature exhibit will be the focus of our larger exhibit space, the Imagination Room. We are grateful for our partnership with Ørsted and Eversource as we provide children and families with fun STEM-learning opportunities through A-Mazing Airways and future exhibits.”

“This new exhibit at the Niantic Children’s Museum takes a closer look at a vital resource that we often take for granted,”said David Ortiz, Ørsted’s Head of Market Affairs for New England. “A-Mazing Airways will help children understand and explore the scientific concept of wind power, which is the cornerstone of our offshore wind projects that will address climate change and help meet Connecticut’s clean energy goals.”

“Eversource and Ørsted believe that serving the local community, especially through STEM educational initiatives, is an essential part of our commitment to Connecticut,” said Michael Ausere, Vice President of Business Development at Eversource Energy. “We are excited to partner with the Niantic Children’s Museum on A-Mazing Airways and future exhibits that will introduce our children to the pivotal role that the Earth’s natural resources can play in helping tackle the growing climate crisis.”

Ørsted and Eversource’s Revolution Wind project will deliver 304 megawatts of clean energy to Connecticut and 400 megawatts to Rhode Island, generating enough electricity to power more than 350,000 homes across both states.

The Niantic Children's Museum is an interactive, hands-on, educational place for children ages nine months to nine years to make fun discoveries and let their imaginations soar. Located in Niantic, Conn., the museum is comprised of 5,000 square feet and an outdoor playspace. For more information about the museum, visit

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