Rise Light & Power Achieves Major Milestone to Bring Offshore Wind to New York, Advancing Transformation of City’s Largest Fossil-Fuel Plant

Rise Light & Power achieved a significant milestone in its plan to deliver offshore wind to New York City when the New York State Department of Public Service (NYS DPS) deemed its application complete last week and officially launched public review under Article VII of the New York State Public Service Law, which governs siting of major utility transmission facilities.

“Today’s action keeps us on track to transform New York City’s largest power plant into a clean energy hub, with offshore wind at its center. We are grateful to Governor Hochul, our partners in government, labor and our community for sharing the vision for a Renewable Ravenswood,” said Clint Plummer, CEO, Rise Light & Power. “We are looking forward to a robust public review that will set the standard for a responsible energy transition by listening to our neighbors, collaborating with labor, and delivering benefits for all New Yorkers.”

Rise Light & Power owns and operates New York City’s largest fossil power plant, the Ravenswood Generating Station, which provides 20% of the City’s generating capacity.  In July 2022, Rise published a comprehensive redevelopment plan called Renewable Ravenswood, which seeks to transition Ravenswood into a state-of-the-art clean energy hub using a variety of renewable energy technologies including offshore wind. 

Rise submitted this Article VII application in December 2022, after completing 255 miles of geophysical surveys in New York Harbor to determine the safest and most efficient location for buried, underwater, high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission cables. Multiple sets of these cables will bring up to 2.6 GW of offshore wind power from the Atlantic Ocean, through the Verrazzano Narrows, Upper New York Bay, and East River to the Ravenswood site. This approach avoids any impacts to beaches, public streets, or other private property, while also leveraging existing energy infrastructure at Ravenswood to lower costs and improve efficiency. Also in December 2022, Rise acquired an interest in the 1.4 gigawatt Attentive Energy One offshore wind project.

The Article VII permit is a key step towards Renewable Ravenswood, unlocking the delivery of clean energy and numerous other economic and environmental benefits. Offshore Wind, as part of the Renewable Ravenswood vision, has numerous benefits to New Yorkers, including:

Retirement of Fossil Generation

Offshore wind power, delivered directly into New York City, can replace existing fossil fuel generation and reduce the city’s emissions. The first offshore wind project interconnecting at Ravenswood will permanently retire an operating fossil-fired generator and replace its output with renewable energy from offshore wind.

Creation of Permanent Jobs

The Renewable Ravenswood plan also includes a new multi-story industrial building that contains a permanent offshore wind operations and maintenance hub, including control rooms, training facilities, and warehousing. The addition of the operations and maintenance hub at Ravenswood reactivates a portion of New York’s industrial waterfront, providing new, high-quality union jobs that will allow members of the UWUA Local 1-2 to continue powering New York.

Job Training and Workforce Development

Rise and its partners will invest in local job training for its existing union workforce, members of the Utility Workers Union of America Local 1-2, while also investing in a pipeline of workers from nearby disadvantaged communities to operate the offshore wind industry in the years ahead.

Cost Effectiveness and Ratepayer Protections

By repurposing existing power infrastructure, reducing the need for expensive transmission upgrades, and bundling multiple cables into one corridor, this offers New York a highly cost-effective offshore wind interconnection solution.

Reuse of Industrial Land to Preserve Public Space

All new onshore infrastructure will be located on existing industrial real estate. Unlike almost every other offshore wind farm in the United States, as well as other proposed cable landings in New York, this project will not require disturbances to public beaches, nor will it require the disturbance of land outside of the existing Ravenswood site.

Community Involvement

Rise Light & Power maintains a commitment to transparent and accessible community engagement, engaging with over 600 individuals last summer and fall in interactive forums. Rise will host additional forums in the coming months to share project updates and receive feedback from community members, environmental advocates, labor leaders, elected officials, and local organizations. In addition to forums hosted by Rise Light & Power, the Department of Public Service is expected to facilitate Public Information Sessions and Public Statement Hearings this summer.

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