Rapid plug-in upgrade for legacy CMS systems  

ONYX Insight has launched a new condition monitoring system, ecoCMS Flex, which will allow operators, to upgrade their legacy CMS systems affordably with rapid plug-in technology. ecoCMS Flex is designed specifically as an upgrade for legacy CMS systems. Operators can now upgrade existing legacy systems and reuse existing sensors and cables in an efficient and cost-effective way. As ecoCMS Flex is compatible with any IEPE sensor, installation can be quick, with the replacement system taking around 1-2 hours to install depending on CMS types. As a result, ecoCMS Flex comes at a much lower cost to fleet managers as they no longer need to carry out a full overhaul of their aging systems, just the original CMS unit. Configured with optimized sampling parameters, ecoCMS Flex improves fault detection with more advanced software than legacy systems, as well as having the capability to bring all CMS data into one platform with ongoing product support and data analysis provided by ONYX. With ecoCMS Flex offering a rapid plug-and-play installation, it unlocks broader end-to-end predictive maintenance solutions for fleet managers while being a cost-effective solution to upgrading legacy systems across turbine fleets. 

ONYX Insight | onyxinsight.com

Volume: 2023 May/June