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Quality images for manufacturing and maintenance applications  

15 May 2019

Olympus new IPLEX GT/GX videoscopes provide manufacturing and maintenance inspectors with fast, easy visual inspections of difficult-to-access locations. The new videoscopes feature a high level of imaging performance to help shorten inspection times and boost efficiency by providing bright, crisp images. The videoscopes' white LED light source can easily be changed to ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) light, making the scopes adaptable to a wide range of applications. The IPLEX GX and GT are comfortable to hold and operate thanks to an optimally-balanced controller, "light-touch" joystick, and intuitive touch panel controls. Live streaming is also available with a wireless adaptor, allowing others to view the inspection videos using the Olympus IPLEX Image Share App for iOS devices (up to two devices can be connected).

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Volume: 2019 May/June