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Powerful new wind turbine concepts

15 Jan 2020

Dutch company VerVent, has an offshore wind turbine that is scalable up to 16MW comprising a 1.5 stage bevel-type gearbox and a counter rotating generator. This design comprises minimal moving parts as well as a limited amount of active material, i.e. permanent magnets which are in use. Their new design is compelling and noteworthy because it minimizes technology and commercial risks by utilizing a set of supply chain partners including Siemens, Renk, Eolotec, Geislinger, and Siempelkamp in an effort to maximize margins and minimize Cost of Energy (COE). This is achieved through a drivetrain architecture which has been used on other types of high-torque applications in the past and is being adapted for use in wind energy. Coupled with a stringent testing regime, the VerVent technology can be a market-ready solution in as little as 24 months, which allows this technology to be fully exploited in emerging offshore markets with high growth potential including the United States, Japan, Viet Nam, South Korea, Turkey, India, Australia, Azerbaijan, and Brazil.

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Volume: 2020 January/February