Mobile-enabled wireless security device

Supra's TRAC-Guard padlock provides authorized, secure access to virtually any remote site. This Bluetooth-enabled padlock adds convenience and security in place of traditional mechanical or combination locks. The versatile TRAC-Guard padlock comes ready for use and fits seamlessly into Supra's TRACcess Manager system to enable mobile access, real-time communications, and 24/7 cloud-based management. The padlock enhances security via authorized and tracked access. TRAC-Guard padlock operations are protected with layers of security such as individually authorized keys that routinely expire, required individual PIN codes, user permission for each locking point, and encrypted system communications. Cloud-based, 24/7 TRACcess Manager administration provides a view to access activity from the portal, or email alerts or routine reports, to monitor job status, confirm vendor maintenance visits, and check the electronic logbook. Setting up mobile keys is quick and easy with permissions delivered in real time to the TRACcess eKEY app. This eliminates the need for staff travel solely for opening gates or doors or providing access to assets such as heavy machinery. Bluetooth communications between the mobile key and the lock enable operations even in areas lacking cellular coverage. 

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Volume: 2019 July/August