Malloy's Phase 1 Warehouse Expansion Complete, Boosting Speed to Market for Customers

warehouse Malloy, a leading supplier of Wind turbine bearings, announced the successful completion of phase 1 of its warehouse expansion project. This significant investment increases overall warehouse capacity by 35% and positions Malloy to deliver bearings to customers faster than ever. 

"By expanding our warehouse, we're directly addressing the needs of our customers who rely on our bearings for smooth operations and minimal downtime," says Cory Mittleider, Wind Business Unit Manager at Malloy. "This expansion allows us to hold more inventory strategically located, ensuring faster access and quicker deliveries, ultimately contributing to our customers' success." Phase 1 focuses on increased utilization of our existing warehouses by increasing racking density. Future phases will focus on adding additional warehouses. 

Malloy's commitment to continuous improvement extends beyond its infrastructure. The company also invests heavily in employee training and development, ensuring its team possesses the expertise to provide exceptional customer service and technical support. 

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