Introducing Innovative Small Wind Turbines to Canada's Renewable Energy Market

We are thrilled to announce the pioneering introduction of small wind turbines in Canada by Windepenergy Ltd Canada. As the first supplier in the country, we are revolutionizing the renewable energy landscape with our swift deployment of 4 models of small wind turbines, ranging from 10- to 225 kW, designed to generate self-sustaining electricity.

purple turbine

At Windepenergy, we specialize in providing innovative solutions to meet the energy needs of various sectors. Our customer base encompasses a diverse range of industries, including government bodies in order to remote communities, commercial enterprises and agricultural entities, each playing a pivotal role as key consumers of our products and services.

aerial island

One of the key innovations we offer is the integration of our wind turbines with existing solar parks, providing a comprehensive renewable energy solution. By complementing solar energy with wind power, we can generate additional electricity, effectively utilizing surplus energy that can be stored efficiently using battery technology or converted into hydrogen, offering versatile energy storage options. Additionally, our wind turbines contribute to the charging infrastructure for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, companies and farms, further enhancing their utility and sustainability.

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What sets our small wind turbines apart is their ease of deployment and use. Thanks to their compact design, they can be swiftly installed and made operational, often within a single day. This feature has made them highly sought after in various applications, contributing to their popularity and widespread adoption.

solar and wind

We believe that the introduction of small wind turbines in Canada represents a significant step towards achieving our collective goals of sustainability and environmental stewardship. We invite you to join us in spreading the word about this groundbreaking initiative and its potential impact on Canada's renewable energy sector.

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