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Introducing Eocycle's New COO: Jean Lachance

05 Dec 2022

Jean Lachance Eocycle is proud to announce the hiring of Jean Lachance as Chief Operating Officer. Jean is a seasoned manager who has worked for thirty years in high-growth technology companies. Until recently, Jean worked as Vice-President, Deployments and Operations at Evlo, a designer of energy storage systems and a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, the largest producer of renewable energy in North America.

Jean will bring his knowledge of storage systems and will be responsible for the delivery of the order book which has been growing exponentially. This strong growth can be explained by the superiority of Eocycle wind energy solutions offered for self-generation by companies in the agricultural, commercial and light industrial sectors. Eocycle solutions are in high demand in the general context of the energy transition, and more particularly in connection with the energy crisis in Europe as well as the ratification this summer of the ”Inflation Reduction Act” in the United States (which ensures Eocycle customers significant tax credits).

Jean’s qualities as a leader and experienced operator will help solidify Eocycle’s growth while ensuring customer satisfaction.

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