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High-performance UL 1077 supplementary protectors

15 May 2019

ABB presents a new generation of miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) for electrical equipment that provides high levels of strength, performance, and savings, while remaining compliant with the UL 1077 standard. The new ST 200 M supplementary protectors are intended for use within industrial control panels, appliances, and other equipment to protect against overcurrent where branch-circuit protection already has been provided or is not required. The ST 200 M reduces the number of parts users need to order and makes it easier for distributors, OEMs, and consumers to do business with ABB. The new supplementary protectors are built with a thermoplastic housing which reduces the potential for transportation damages. Additionally, the ST 200 M offers an interrupt rating up to 10kA. The voltage ratings of the ST 200 M are 480Y/277 VAC and 60/125VDC, which eliminate the necessity of using two different product lines for AC and DC applications. The ST 200 M carries a short-circuit current classification of U2, which expands its range of applications. The ST 200 M features a red/green contact position indicator for increased safety by indicating the actual position of the contacts. Its calibration temperature of 104 °F (40 °C) reduces derating in industrial control panels at higher ambient temperatures. Installation of the ST 200 M is easy in part because it features ABB's patented twin terminals with captive screws for field wiring up to AWG 4. The new labeling of the ST 200 M is done with lasers, providing high resistance to fading, enabling easy identification of product type, rating, and approvals, even when it is installed on the panel.



Volume: 2019 May/June