Fully integrated, loop-powered displacement transmitter

Brüel & Kjær Vibro (B&K Vibro) announces the release of the DT-12x series of transmitters. These fully integrated, loop-powered displacement transmitters offer a unique streamlined solution for shaft displacement and vibration monitoring capability for a wide range of industrial machines. The DT-12x series are fully integrated transmitters which means the driver (oscillator) and signal conditioning electronics (vibration monitor) are built directly into the sensor. This simplifies installation by eliminating the need and space requirements for a driver, vibration monitor, and eventually a protective housing. Due to this design, the transmitter can directly be connected to a DCS or PLC using it's standardized 4-20mA output. The transmitter is loop-powered, so its 4-20mA signal is not affected by long wiring distances, voltage drops, or noise. This simplifies installation when connecting to a DCS or PLC, since only two wires have to be connected in the current loop. The DT-12x series displacements transmitters are versatile from a monitoring perspective. In addition to the 4-20mA outputs, there are also buffered output wires for transferring voltage signals to portable monitoring instruments for analysis and data storage. The transmitters are also built for harsh industrial environments. The DT-12x series of displacement transmitters are available in three different mounting configurations.

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Volume: 2020 January/February