Data management in the Cloud

Siemens recently expanded its EnergyIP Meter Data Management (MDM) Software portfolio by developing the EnergyIP MDM Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It provides utilities, municipalities, and co-operatives with a flexible, extendable, and low-cost option to access and monitor their advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems and enhance the meter-to-cash capabilities. Basing the MDM software in the Cloud allows users to read and analyze their meters quickly, validate the data, and bill customers more accurately without incurring heavy upfront IT infrastructure or software investment costs and associated ongoing maintenance. Pre-installed and pre-configured, MDM SaaS from Siemens uses AWS cloud platform to host utilities' data. Utilities pay a monthly subscription fee for using the system and obtaining high quality data for billing. The service offering is compatible with any manufacturer's smart meter, and it can work for any size utility. The service includes regular software upgrades, new features, and maintenance like bug fixes and security updates, all done by Siemens in the Cloud. 

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Volume: 2021 March/April