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Connectors with quick push-in technology  

15 Sep 2019

LUTZE Inc. is expanding its industrial connector offering by adding a variety of straight and angled push-in M12 connectors to complement their existing product offering. The push-in technology delivers a quick and reliable termination without any tools required, providing a simple time saving solution while supplying reliable transmission for signal, data, or power cabling. These versatile M12 connectors provide a secure connection for solid, stranded, and ferruled wires per application requirements. Color coded and numbered terminals simplify termination to ensure proper connections. Ferruled and solid wires can be terminated using the quick push-in technology, and stranded wires use the easy-to-open tabs for termination. LUTZE's portfolio consists of 18 new M12 connectors, a combination of 2, 4, and 5 PIN options including straight or angled, male or female, and A, B, or D coded versions. These M12 connectors come either with a plastic housing or with a rugged zinc die cast housing for harsh industrial environments. 

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Volume: 2019 September/October