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Blade bending sensor

15 May 2021

Bachmann Monitoring's Cantilever Sensor (CLS), is a blade bending measurement technology, and a cost effective and accurate measure of rotor blade strain in real time. The robust CLS provides a wide range of values. Easy to install, the sensor facilitates optimized pitch control with early ice and fault detection to improve predictive maintenance of turbine blades both on- and offshore. An application of proven displacement measurement technologies, the CLS delivers precise measurements with very low tolerances (+/-0.5μm). Results are unaffected by local material inconsistencies due to a sample area over 12 times longer than existing gauges, and the titanium cantilever guarantees stability. Designed for harsh environments, the sensor's non-contacting measurement technique increases long-term repeatability and durability over conventional strain gauges, making it a robust solution for modern wind farms. 

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