An Artificial Intelligence Solution Providing Virtual Assistance for Cable Inventory Management

Alesea by Prysmian Group

Helping customers evolve towards the 4.0 Industry, Prysmian Group presents Alesea, a new IoT innovative solution taking cable inventory management to the next level. Let us introduce you to Alesea, its components and usage in the North American market.

We have heard about the “4.0 Industry” for many years now, a fourth industrial revolution driven by digital technology which gives birth to the highly anticipated “smart factory,” fully computerized manufacturing through the Internet of Things (IoT).  Alesea, Prysmian Group's latest innovation contributing to the 4.0 Industry, is our answer to the "smart factory." An IoT solution providing virtual assistance for cable inventory management through a smart device installed on cable reels, Alesea delivers a cloud-based platform that tracks reel management, data storage and processing within an intuitive web platform.

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Alesea was developed in a collaboration between Prysmian Group and the Corporate Hangar, a team devoted to developing state-of-the-art solutions for multiple sectors seeking digital transformation. Equipped with a GPS tracker, environmental sensors, motion detectors and multi-network mobile communications, Alesea allows worldwide coverage. The system lets customers track real-time reel location, identify potential theft and manipulation, assess whether there has been any Alesause and track the amount of cable remaining on a reel. Most importantly, no user installation or maintenance is required. Upon service activation, data is automatically stored on the cloud, retrieved at any time and accessed through customizable mobile and desktop platforms.

As a result, Alesea offers a comprehensive inventory management service while helping to reduce the total cost of cable management and reduce the time each reel spends empty and unused, all thanks to its improved asset usage and enhanced operating efficiency. As the device is installed on the reels during cable production, it is no longer necessary to intervene on-site resulting in optimized logistics and cable waste reduction, improved pick-up and transport of empty reels by collecting multiple reels and minimizing the environmental impact.

“Alesea transforms cable drums into smart assets, achieving a higher performance in terms of operating efficiency and sustainability,” said Maura Nespoli, VP of Sustainable Solutions at Prysmian Group North America. “We are currently already in the process of implementing and deploying Alesea devices into all our North American steel reels. This will translate to direct reductions in the industry’s carbon footprint by reducing the number of reels used and maximizing the efficiency in reels’ transportation.”

By 2030, Alesea aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 21%. Thanks to the device and the real-time data it provides, customers will reduce reels’ cycle time and improve the circularity and recycling of steel reels. Together, this will reduce the need for steel production and optimize logistics and transportation, translating into lower emissions.

Smart innovation with sustainability and the environment in mind. That’s our reel revolution.

Alesea by Prysmian Group –

Alesea by Prysmian Group