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Advanced analytics solution

15 May 2019

Seeq Corporation's R21 is an advanced analytics solution allowing organizations to rapidly analyze, predict, collaborate, and share insights to improve production outcomes. For publishing insights, Seeq has expanded "scorecards," a feature for the display of calculated tables in Seeq Workbench and Organizer. In addition to new scorecard and other features, R21 adds frequency analysis capabilities, often referred to as "FFT," to transform segments of a time-series signal into the frequency domain. R21 expands Seeq's recent focus on enabling larger deployments through scalability features and making the Seeq applications easier to use. R20 features include the ability to have live updates to Seeq Topics, which publish insights from Seeq to other users, expanded machine learning functionality for customers doing predictive analytics with Seeq, and an improved query model for customers accessing contextual data from SQL-based data sources to provide faster connections to big data sources. 

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Volume: 2019 May/June