3.4 Million Homes in Canada Already Use Only Wind Generated Power

According to the Canadian Renewable Energy Association, 2021 closed with a renewable energy production of 14,304 MW, thanks to which approximately 3.4 million Canadian households - out of the 14.07 million total - already use only energy from cleaner sources. As a way to extend this type of energy to more homes, the government announced at the end of the year an investment of $960M for infrastructure renewal.

One of the fastest growing sources of energy production in recent years is wind power. In the case of Canada, 317 wind projects are already underway, representing a total of 2.6% of all wind turbines installed in the world. This figure makes Canada the seventh in the global ranking with the highest number of wind turbines, thanks to the participation of local and international companies such as Sarens, which contributes with their experience in transport, lifting and maintenance of the installations.

Last year the company announced a $2.5M investment plan to renew its infrastructure and machinery in Canada, which adds up to the most recent investment plan of CAD 5.5 million, approved this month of May 2022. As a part of this investment plan, Sarens has incorporated to its crane fleet three new Grove GMK5150 cranes with a lifting capacity of 175 US tons each.

The new investment is aimed to provide support to the wind development regions, such as Alberta, where Sarens will be collaborating in the erection of several wind farms in mid-2022. Sarens has invested, during the last three years, almost 8 M $ on new equipment for future projects and relevancy in Canada. 

According to CanWEA (Canada Wind Energy Association) in its WindVision 2025 action plan, it is estimated that Canada will boost wind energy production to 20% of the total by 2025. Regions such as Ontario, Quebec and Alberta, national leaders in the installation of wind farms, will see an exponential increase in the maintenance and renovation of existing wind turbines, while others such as British Columbia, in full expansion, will require the support of companies such as Sarens for the transport and erection of new infrastructures.

Sarens has a long history of developing wind projects in Canada. These include the Whitla Wind project, the Golden South Wind Project in Assiniboia and more recently, the Blue Hill Project in Saskatchewan. In the latter case, Sarens contributed to the transport and erection of 50 wind turbines at their final destination. This facility will be responsible for generating up to 200MW of renewable energy, enough to power up to 100,000 homes, and will bring an economic impact of over $45M to its community. In this sense, it is important to remember that the installation of wind farms not only brings energy to the areas where they are installed, but also contributes to their economic development by creating jobs and boosting trade.

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