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Wireless solar communication technology

15 Sep 2018

Tigo’s new wireless technology, Mesh solar communication architecture, simplifies the solar design process and accelerates the commissioning steps. The complete Tigo solution uses a simple yet powerful data collection technology covering wide ranges of residential and commercial installations at a low cost. With Mesh and the recently announced Tigo Access Point (TAP), customers eliminate the need to address any roof obstruction or orientation constraint. Mesh compliments the full Tigo system in conjunction with TAP, Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA), and UHD-Core TS4 units. As the software that allows each TS4 unit to act as a relay station for signals, Mesh extends the wireless range of communication up to 230ft (70m). Mesh also allows data collection from up to 300 TS4 units (~100kW systems) using a single TAP or from up to 900 TS4 units (~300kW systems) using a single CCA. Most importantly, Mesh supports multiple communication paths between TS4 units to minimize packet loss, improve data integrity, and increase reliability at high speed. 

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