Wind-load analysis method for solar trackers

Soltec presents Dy-WIND, a method for comprehensive dynamic analysis in tracker wind-design. To develop Dy-WIND, Soltec has teamed up with the engineering consultancy Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc (RWDI), which specializes in wind engineering projects. RWDI already has the expertise and wind tunnels that use stereolithography technology, integrated data acquisition, storage and processing systems, computer-aided drafting, and a broad base of specialized instrumentation. Dy-WIND analysis is applied to tracker wind-design for accurate modeling that leads to precise manufacturing processes. This allows accurate economic calculations regarding the profitability and robustness of a solar tracker plant. The hybrid experimental-numerical approach accurately estimates tracker behavior under the action of wind in multi-row arrays, and allows flexibility in the design process that is generally not practical through full aeroelastic model testing.

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