Wagner Solar Inc.

Wagner Solar Inc.

Product: TRIC F BOX

Application (roof, ground-mount, utility-scale): Flat-roof

Type: Fixed

Angle: 10°

Material: Allow AW 6063 aluminum

Pre- or Post-assembly: Assembled onsite

Certifications/Approvals: None

Warranty: 10-year


Key features:

  • Low ballast; as little as 10 pounds per module;
  • East/west installation allows for 96% roof utilization;
  • Installs in portrait to maximize roof coverage; and
  • Installs at a rate of seven minutes per kilowatt for first time installers, with only two tools needed.


Website: www.usa.wagner-solar.com

As seen in: SOLAR Spotlight: Racking Systems
Volume: May/June 2013