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Vita Nuova, AC Power Combine Forces to Develop Solar Facilities on Underutilized Land

16 Nov 2022

Vita Nuova LLC and AC Power, LLC are excited to announce a strategic alliance that will leverage each firm's expertise to deliver innovative renewable energy solutions on formerly contaminated sites and build more resilient, healthier communities. The collaboration draws on each organization's unique strengths to support their shared goals: the sustainable redevelopment of underutilized properties and the rebuilding of communities.

Solar on Landfil

Solar on Landfil

"Vita Nuova seeks to expand its work in sustainably reusing impacted and underutilized sites by creating this strategic alliance with AC Power. We appreciate their focus on land that is previously disturbed rather than greenfields," Michael B. Taylor, President, Vita Nuova LLC, said.

Vita Nuova is a national leader in best practices for site redevelopment, land reuse planning, and community revitalization. Serving both public and private entities, Vita Nuova tackles the most complex industrial sites in North America. It utilizes groundbreaking approaches to remove barriers to redevelopment and reposition properties for new, economically viable uses.

AC Power has extensive experience transforming brownfield sites, landfills, and Superfund sites into solar energy facilities connecting locally sourced power to communities and businesses. Their projects facilitate workforce development programs for local citizens, generate tax revenue, and solve complex site issues, providing a roadmap for the country's critical energy transition.

"With the strategic vision and experience of Vita Nuova and the practical expertise of AC Power, this team will channel the momentum of the Inflation Reduction Act to repurpose sites, empower communities, and support workforce development," said Annika Colston, President and Founder of AC Power "We will do more together – more projects, more complex problem solving, and more community benefits - thereby achieving the nation's goal of environmental justice in America's great energy transition."

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