Vertical mounting solution

Renusol has extended its MetaSole mounting solution to include the new MS+ Portrait, which is capable of fixing photovoltaic modules to roofs in portrait orientation. The innovation eliminates continuous mounting rails. Sealing strips are pre-assembled onto the MS+ Portrait’s mounting base, eliminating the need for installers to individually fix the strips to the roof. Screws can be drilled through the rail at any point, making the rail compatible with different distances between the corrugations found in metal roofs. The MS+ Portrait’s mounting base, which is 39 mm in height, guarantees excellent rear ventilation of the solar modules. 
The MS+ Portrait allows PV panels to be securely installed on roofs with inclinations ranging from as low as 3° to as steep as 70°. At 3.0 kg per kWp, the system is lightweight, making it suitable for roofs on commercial buildings with low load-bearing capacities. The mounting material needed for 1 kWp fits into a shoe box, saving both logistics and transportation costs.  
The MS+ Portrait has a well-thought-through yet simple design and is compatible with other Renusol components. It can be used with the new RS1 universal clamp, which combines the middle and end clamp into a single clamp, making planning, ordering materials, and mounting even easier for installers.