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Versatile hybrid inverter

15 Sep 2019

The GEN24 Plus hybrid inverters complete the Fronius product range. The devices are available in single-phase and three-phase versions and are suitable for global use. They provide all the benefits of the SnapINverter and include additional features, such as being quick to commission using an app and offer a fast service plan. The PV Point provides a basic emergency power supply, even without an energy storage system. This enables users to charge their phone or laptop, ensuring they remain contactable and up-to-date with the latest information, even during longer power outages. If the inverter is combined with a battery, it can provide a full back-up system supplying the whole household with electricity. The Primo GEN24 Plus was awarded the Plus X Award 2019 for High Quality, Ease of Use, Functionality, and Ecology.

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Volume: 2019 September/October