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Versatile corrosion resistant wire management clips

15 Sep 2018

Introducing 3 new cable clips to Wiley wire management line. The ACC-FPV90, ACC-F4F and ACC-F490 are all 90 degree cable clips. The ACC-FPV90 holds 2 PV cables while the ACC-F4F and ACC-F490 hold 4 PV cables. PV cable diameter range for all 3 clips is 4.1mm to 8mm per each wire. These cable clips can be installed on a flange with a thickness range of 1mm to 3mm. The ACC-F4F has a unique double securement feature which makes this clip a solution for trackers and high vibration, or wind scenarios. All Wiley wire management clips are made of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel and have rolled edges to help protect cable insulation from damage. UL1565 Listed. Environmentally Tested to UL2703 & ATSMB117.

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