Universal pitched roof mounting solution

PV mounting system expert AEROCOMPACT has developed COMPACTPITCH XM-F REPTILE, a universal solution for pitched roofs that can be used with a wide variety of roof tiles. COMPACTPITCH XM-F REPTILE replaces expensive and inflexible sealing components with an integrated solution. Since the cover plate is positioned independently of the fastener unit, it can always be installed above the rafter, and transfers the resulting forces directly into the roof structure. The labyrinth-style seal ensures that the breakthrough point, which can be selected as desired, provides a permanent seal during installation without requiring any additional effort. Due to the high load-bearing capacity, this, in combination with the new and strong X60 rail, lowers the number roof hooks needed, which drastically reduces installation and material requirements and costs. Since the solution transfers forces optimally, even areas with high snow loads are no problem.

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Volume: 2024 March/April