True Solar Announces a Local Option for Solar Panel Installation

Expanded tax credits from recent legislation, along with lucrative policies from local utility companies, have made solar a valuable investment option looking forward. This value proposition has led to an increase in adoption across Iowa as well as national corporations moving into the state, leaving an increasingly small list of local solar companies. True Solar plans to solve that problem.

"We have one mission, to serve our customers well. In order to do that, we're going to stay small, and stay local. That's what Iowans want. And thus far, the response has been overwhelming," says Travis Eichelberger, CEO.

While the company may be new, the team is anything but. True Solar boasts the combined equivalent experience of over 10,000 residential installations, with no team member holding less than 2 years of experience in what is still a very new industry. That wisdom will bode well when competing against national corporations with significant company experience, but minimal local staff experience.

True Solar was launched by a group of individuals who worked for several other solar companies in Iowa. It was during this time that the founding members recognized they could do it differently, and do it better. "Rather than chasing growth goals or revenue targets, we're going to grade our success based on the customer experience. That's the only way to do it," says John Lenz, a Solar Consultant with True Solar.

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