TriStar Controllers in Unique Hybrid Solar Micro-Hydro System

Morningstar TriStar-60 solar controllers were the solution to diversion load challenges in an off-grid residential system on Vancouver Island, B.C. In this particular micro-hydro hybrid application, a total of 7200W of diversion capacity was used to manage a hot water storage system. An array of six Morningstar TriStar controllers each regulated 1.2kW of diversion capacity to provide both sizing flexibility and redundancy to the system.

This unique hybrid solar micro-hydro system provides a technological showcase for the Viridian Energy Co-Op on
Vancouver Island, B.C. The Co-Op now has a remote off-grid residential “triple threat” system consisting of solar, hydro, and generator, presenting diversion load challenges met by Morningstar TriStar controllers.

solar forest

“Morningstar is cheaper for our clients in the end... less chance of failure. Morningstar TriStars always do what we need them to do...they are our one go-to for off-grid design,” said Don Cameron, Viridian Energy Co-Op Service Manager and Solar Technical Specialist.

System components include:

  • 9kW of solar panel input
  • 6 Morningstar TriStar TS60 controllers, for 7.2kW total load diversion
  • 1 Schneider XW inverter, 4.8kW ï 40 kWh AGM battery bank

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