Transformerless inverter

Solectria Renewables, LLC introduces the new SGI 500XT, a 500 kilowatt (kW), 600 VDC inverter. The SGI 500XT is a 208 VAC transformerless, direct- to medium-voltage, utility-scale inverter. It currently has the highest inverter efficiency in the industry. Solectria Renewables’ external transformer SMARTGRID 500XT inverters are designed to maximize return on investment (ROI) through high efficiencies, easy installation, a wide operating voltage range, and integrated customized options. Solectria Renewables’ SMARTGRID 500XT boasts a 98% CEC weighted efficiency, translating into increased energy generation for utility-scale PV systems. The inverter offers utility options such as real power curtailment, reactive power control, and voltage and frequency ride-through. These critical utility options, combined with an unsurpassed efficiency rating and the lowest nighttime tare loss in the industry, set the standard for the SMARTGRID 500XT for the next generation of large, commercial and utility-scale systems.
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As seen in: Solar Power International 2012 Show-in-Print
Volume: September/October 2012