Three Sixty Solar Towers to be Used to Develop Broadband Network

Three Sixty Solar Ltd. (NEO: VSOL) (OTC: VSOLF) (“Three Sixty,” “Three Sixty Solar,” or the “Company”), an innovative alternative energy design, manufacture, and sales organization focused on solar equipment supply to the global marketplace, is pleased to announce that Archer Cleantech (“Archer”) and Hook’d Broadband Canada (“Hook’d”) have committed to building a broadband internet mesh network serving Kelowna and the South Okanagan region by deploying Hook’d technology on top of Three Sixty Solar Vertical Solar Towers.

Key Points:

  • Three Sixty solar towers to be used as part of broadband mesh network
  • First equipment to be installed in Kelowna in April 2023
  • Partners plan for multiple new tower deployments over the coming months

Three Sixty Solar’s CEO, Brian Roth states, “I am pleased to see our Distribution Agreement with Archer bearing fruit. The effort that Archer has put forth in sourcing technologies like Hook’d and Apeiron is huge in leading to an enhanced offering to the marketplace, building off our tower architecture to deliver a full package of necessary utilities. Repurposing our original demonstration tower as a telecom tower is exciting and I can’t wait for us to get to work on the next towers this spring.”

Three Sixty Solar’s vertical solar tower technology, through its distribution partner Archer, is part of a Teaming Agreement to create a consortium with Apeiron Energy Inc. (“Apeiron”) and Hook’d. Apeiron has developed state of the art battery and backup power generation systems that can uniquely pair with Three Sixty Solar’s vertical tower technology to enhance power delivery in project applications. Using patented, proprietary technology, Hook’d delivers “Last Mile” cutting edge broadband solutions. Hook’d’s solutions are frequency, spectrum and backhaul agnostic. Hook’d can combine multiple signal sources or a single fiber connection to build a network utilizing Three Sixty Solar Towers as a telecommunications platform.

Together, and in coordination with the teams at Three Sixty and Archer, these joint applications have the capability to supply the market with an all-in-one utility package featuring power generation, energy storage, telecommunications, wifi, and electrical interconnection.

Hook’d has indicated their intention to deploy their “Last Mile” technology on solar towers to create a Broadband Wireless Internet network in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. The first equipment will be deployed on Three Sixty Solar’s demonstration tower in Kelowna in April 2023. The network is expected to be expanded with multiple new solar towers to be deployed in the areas around Kelowna, Vernon, and Osoyoos over the coming months.

Hook’d’s ownership group adds: “We are very excited to have formalized our working relationship with Archer and to have access to Three Sixty’s solar towers for deployment of its technology. Hook’d believes that access to power on the sites where we plan to expand our networks is critical and the Teaming Agreement, along with access to Three Sixty’s towers, is a natural fit for everyone involved.”

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