Three Sixty Solar Receives Positive Review of Technology Patentability

Three Sixty Solar Ltd. (NEO: VSOL) (OTC: VSOLF) ("Three Sixty," "Three Sixty Solar," or the "Company"), an innovative alternative energy design, manufacture, and sales organization focused on solar equipment supply to the global marketplace, is excited to announce that the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) has completed their preliminary review of the Company's patent application and declared the key claims pass the tests for patentability: being novel, inventive, and having industrial applicability.

Brian Roth, CEO of Three Sixty Solar states, "I'm very encouraged by this positive response from ARIPO. Based on their feedback, we have every indication that the key differentiators in our technology are patentable and we believe that our patent applications, if approved, can successfully provide competitive protection in the markets where we operate. This is a big strategic step for us towards maintaining an advantage in the marketplace for years to come."

Following a period of technical development and engineering, Three Sixty Solar applied for PCT patent protection with the World Intellectual Property Organization. In April of 2021 the Company's PCT filing was internationally published, giving Three Sixty until April 2022 to choose which countries and jurisdictions to file patent applications with local offices. In March and April of 2022, Three Sixty submitted patent applications in each of the markets where the Company expects to operate commercially in the years ahead, including the United States, Canada, the European Union, and others.

Three Sixty Solar has received notification from ARIPO that the organization has completed their initial review of the Company's patent application. According to their review, the four primary claims that differentiate Three Sixty Solar's technology all pass the three tests for patentability; the claims are novel, inventive, and have industrial applicability. These three patentability tests are the same ones considered by all the jurisdictions where Three Sixty has filed for patent protection and each jurisdiction is required to perform similar global searches for prior art. The Company is encouraged that the US PTO and other patent offices will reach the same positive conclusion as ARIPO regarding patentability of the primary claims.

The Company's original application was written with several broader claims that must now be narrowed to focus on the four novel and inventive claims for the patent application to go through secondary review and approval. Three Sixty expects to submit these revised claims, focused on the patentable claims in the coming weeks, well ahead of a June deadline set for response by ARIPO.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors,

--Brian Roth

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