Third-Party Time Study Demonstrates GameChange Solar’s Genius Tracker is Faster to Install than Competitor Single Axis Trackers

GameChange Solar, a leading global supplier of solar tracking solutions for ground-mounted PV plants, has released the results of a comprehensive third-party time study on the installation of its Genius Tracker solar trackers. The study, conducted by Eclipse-M, an industry-leading provider of OEM time studies, concluded that the Genius Tracker required 28% less labor to construct than the average of three market-relevant 1P trackers.   

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The time study was based on observations in the field at a 456 MW solar power plant in Texas, at the GameChange Solar training facility, and several other projects Eclipse-M has performed on-site observations for over the past five years. This data was then compared to historical records of similar activities in the Eclipse-M database for other industry-relevant trackers. Charles Bishop, vice president of field operations at GameChange Solar, worked closely with Eclipse-M over the 3-month period to help ensure they were getting accurate data from the sites.

Key findings of the study include: 

  • The Genius Tracker 1P system demonstrated significant productivity advantages over competitors, requiring 28% less labor to construct than the average of three market-relevant 1P trackers.   

  • GameChange Solar's emphasis on factory pre-assembly and relatively lower part count significantly streamlines installation processes, reducing labor requirements and simplifying logistics and materials handling operations. 

  • The SpeedClamp system provides for module installation with only two bolts per module, including the attachment of the module clamp itself. 

  • The drive system and structure of the Genius Tracker IP are deemed best-in-class regarding productivity per megawatt (MH/MW). At the same time, module installation is notably faster than other market-relevant 1P trackers. 

  • Innovative features such as the two-piece post-top tube attachment system contribute to faster and more accurate installations, with potential adjustments in all required directions. 

  • GameChange Solar provides customers with an advanced online shipment status portal, which provides real-time logistics information down to the container-content level and facilitates efficient shipment scheduling to align with construction timelines.  

  • Key factors contributing to this productivity result include constructability enhancements, simplified tooling requirements, unique and simple-to-install components, and comprehensive construction support services provided by GameChange Solar. 

  • Lean construction methods could reduce labor by up to 40% in standard wind sites. 

"The findings of this time study demonstrate GameChange Solar's commitment to our customers in the way we innovate both for construction and logistics efficiency of our solar trackers, said Derick Botha, chief commercial officer at GameChange Solar. "We are proud to offer our customers a solution that not only maximizes energy output but also minimizes construction time and labor costs." 

“The process of creating this report was greatly enhanced by the support of the entire GameChange team, from the field to the C-Suite,” said Bill Poulin, managing partner at Eclipse-M. “We appreciated the focus of the team, which helped us generate a comprehensive report.”

The complete report is available upon request by emailing [email protected]

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