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Thin-film production tool line

20 Mar 2013

Thin-film production tool lineMicroTech, a Silicon Valley wet process station supplier, has launched a product line specifically designed for high-throughput processing of thin-film solar cells. These cells can produce substantial cost reduction and cell integration by processing an entire array of solar cells on a single substrate. The MicroTech TF 1200 production tool can process substrates up to two meters in size. It also offers the following benefits: low-water consumption with strict control and recycling of water through a patent-pending technology; effective particle filtering; a modular design for process flexibility and ease of change; roller technology for substrate transfer; high-energy ultrasonic cavitation for hard-to-remove materials; process support, including proprietary solar processes; and a unique liquid handling system, which allows spray, puddle, and immersion processes.

Volume: March/April 2013