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Temperature profiling

16 Mar 2015
In conditions of low wind and high solar load, naturally aspirated, multi-plate sensor shields cause even the best temperature sensors to overheat inside—leading to incorrect readings from 1° C up to 10° C (2° F to 18° F). Apogee Instruments new TS-100 Fan-Aspirated Solar Radiation Shield solves this problem by providing constant internal aspiration using a tiny IP56 80mA fan. Built from industrial-strength Geloy plastic, the unique Coandă inlet and inner Venturi contour design optimize air-flow over the included precision thermistor. This consistently yields accuracies of 0.1°C (0.18° F), exceeding the current recommended IEC standard for air temperature measurement.
Apogee Instruments, Inc. |

Volume: March/April 2015