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Supporting new renewable energy in Oregon

15 Sep 2019

Portland General Electric recently launched Green Future Impact, a new solution that helps large commercial and industrial customers source 100% of their electricity from new wind or solar renewable energy facilities. Green Future Impact gives customers another way to meet aggressive sustainability and climate goals. Subscribers to Green Future Impact help accelerate a cleaner energy supply in the region. Their subscriptions to a dedicated power purchase agreement will bring a new wind or solar facility online. The first facility will be located in Oregon and operational by the end of 2021. As a bundled green product, customers will receive energy from that facility, along with the associated renewable energy credits. Approved by the Oregon Public Utility Commission earlier this year after a collaborative process, customers qualify if they have more than a 30kW annual aggregate peak demand or a 10MW average load. Green Future Impact may add up to 300MW of new renewable resources to PGE’s system. Subscriptions are for 10- or 15-year terms, and pricing reflects the actual cost of producing and delivering the energy from a specific facility. The product is self-supporting, ensuring no costs are shifted to non-participating customers. 

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