Super light foldable solar panel

Lion Energy’s new Lion 50W Foldable Solar Panelis a user-friendly plug-and-play solar panel. Weighing slightly more than three pounds and foldable to 11.25" x 11.25", the device makes it easy to harness the power of the sun for Lion Energy’s power banks and Safari LT solar station as well as virtually anything powered with a USB or USB-C port. While solar charge times vary and are dependent on many factors, the Lion 50W Foldable Solar Panel can charge a Lion Prowler in three hours, the Lion Eclipse in four hours, and the Lion Safari LT in 10 hours. The device is built for use in rough conditions with four monocrystalline panels that are enclosed in a protective case that folds down to a compact profile for easy storage, transport, and versatility. The panel has a 20-year life expectancy and a one-year warranty.

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North American Clean Energy Product Evaluation

The NACE Product Evaluation Team recently had the opportunity to put Lion Energy’s 50W Foldable Solar Panel through its paces and we were not disappointed. This lightweight, compact unit is easy to use and powerful for its size. Folded up for storage, it is easy to pack for your get-aways. It only takes up about the same space as a three ring binder, but it folds out into an almost four foot solar field! This unit can run or charge small electronics through either one of its 5V, 3A USB-A, or USB-C outputs. It also has a 5.5mm barrel output, rated at 18V and 2.7A, for charging power banks and comes with a ten foot charging chord. This self contained unit has two fold out kickstands which allow you to position the panels directly into the sunlight, optimizing power output. We tested this unit over a week long period in both sunny and overcast skies. We found cloudy skies were no issue for this unit as we were still able to charge a cell phone while also running a medium sized Bluetooth speaker. If you are into camping, hiking, or need a small off-grid power source for small electronics you can’t go wrong with this well-built, lightweight unit. Although you may find less expensive units on the market, this well-made, efficient unit will last you for years before showing any power degradation. We give it five out of five stars. 



Volume: 2022 November/December