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SunPower Appoints Two New Master Dealers

29 Mar 2023

SunPower (NASDAQ:SPWR), a leading residential solar technology and energy services provider, announced it designated Stitt Solar and Sun N Us Solar LLC as Master Dealers. The Master Dealer program is designed to deliver customers the highest level of expertise and service through leading local and independent solar companies.

Participation in SunPower's Master Dealer program is by invitation only. To earn the designation, dealers must meet stringent customer satisfaction scores, complete rigorous training requirements, pass all residential inspections, meet revenue targets, agree to carry the SunPower moniker in their brand, and exclusively sell SunPower solar solutions. SunPower works with more than 850 dealers across the U.S., 35 of which are now Master Dealers.

"SunPower Master Dealers represent the best of the best. They share our commitment to provide a superior customer experience with a unique ability to execute with an intricate knowledge of the markets they serve, trusted relationships with their consumers and a high level of craftsmanship," said June Sauvaget, EVP and chief marketing officer for SunPower. "We congratulate Stitt Solar and Sun N Us and look forward to working with them more closely. It's only with the enormous efforts of our Master Dealers that we can accomplish our important mission to change the way the world is powered."

Stitt Solar

Stitt Solar is a team of energy, design and construction professionals who are passionate about helping clients save money while contributing positively to the environment. Stitt helps customers achieve greater energy efficiency in their homes with products and design services; enables them to power their homes with the sun with SunPower Equinox®Solar Systems; and provides energy resiliency, independence and peace of mind with SunVault® storage systems and electric vehicle chargers. Stitt Solar has been a pioneer in the solar industry since its founding in 1978 and continues to innovate after 44 years in business. In March 2020, Stitt became the first SunPower authorized dealer in Arkansas.

"Our focus has always been educating the community about solar energy's financial and environmental benefits, and to do this, we must offer the highest quality products and services," said David Stitt, CEO. "Being named as a SunPower Master Dealer is an honor because we've aligned ourselves with like-minded industry professionals, and is a tribute to our customers and our employees. The future is limitless, and the opportunities are numerous and within our reach. "

Sun N Us 

Sun N Us was founded in 2018 in Des Plaines, IL, with the mission to make a positive impact on the planet and people's lives. The company is committed to helping customers save money and protect the environment by providing end-to-end service for switching to solar, from design and installation to monitoring and maintenance. Sun N Us also offers battery backup with SunVault, to help its customers gain safety and security during blackouts. Sun N Us had a banner 2022 and is continuing to grow its customer base at rapid clip in 2023.

"Making an impact on people's lives has always been at the heart of our business. Thanks to SunPower, Sun N Us is providing customers a realistic way to help reverse climate damage so generations to come will be able to live their best lives," said Ed Whittle, owner, Sun N Us. "With high quality solar, our customers are saving money and the planet at the same time — and we consider that heroic."

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