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String monitoring

21 Jul 2013

The Fronius String Control 250/30 string monitoring system has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of central inverters, ensuring PV systems with inverters generate a dependable yield. Module strings can now be professionally monitored and their data compared. If a problem such as shading, module failure, or broken or chafed cabling occurs in one or more strings, the early fault detection system informs the operator immediately, preventing yield loss. With a current carrying capacity of 250 A and maximum input voltage of 1,000 V, the Fronius string monitoring device is ideal for the monitoring of PV systems that use Fronius Agilo inverters. Up to 30 module strings can all be connected together on one DC main line. As the cables are connected directly to the DC main line (V terminals), installation can be carried out quickly and easily without any special tools, saving both and money.



Volume: July/August 2013