Streamlining solar for metal roofs

SnapNrack and S-5! announced a joint partnership to offer select metal roof attachments from both manufacturers as a single kitted solution. SnapNrack is partnering with S-5! to now offer installers a kitted solution with S-5! metal roof brackets and SnapNrack All Purpose L Foot attachments. The kitted solution simplifies the installation experience on the roof. As a result of this partnership, SnapNrack Applications Engineering can fully support installers with design and installation questions and other product resources expected with SnapNrack. The kitted solutions will include S-5!’s CorruBracket, SolarFoot, ProteaBracket, VersaBracket, and S-5-N Mini with SnapNrack’s All Purpose L Foot. By expanding the portfolio to include S-5! brackets, SnapNrack can better support small commercial installers and projects along with expanding their geographical footprint.

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Volume: 2024 March/April